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Students - do's and don'ts for flat sharing or moving into halls of residence

Sep 6, 2021

Category: News
Posted by: newcastle

1.  Your deposit has to be protected -  in a specific deposit protection scheme.

The scheme keeps your money safe and makes sure you get back what you’re owed at the end of your tenancy.

Make sure you get this confirmed by the landlord

2. You might be liable if your flatmates stop paying rent
If you’re on a joint tenancy, you’re all liable for the rent both jointly and individually.

So, if someone you live with doesn’t pay their share of the rent,

the rest of you are responsible for making up the shortfall.

This means you’re all responsible for paying the whole rent.

3.   You are responsible for some repairs and maintenance - 
Your landlord is responsible for making sure that your property is fit for you to live in.

They must ensure the hot water, gas, electricity, water supply and heating are working properly.

You’re responsible for minor repairs such as changing light bulbs or fuses.

You’re also responsible for any damage caused by someone you invited round.

4.  Other fees - As well as your deposit, you’ll normally need to pay your first month’s rent in advance.

Letting agents will normally ask you to pay a holding deposit as well.

Make sure you get a receipt for any fees you pay.

5.  There are differences between living in uni halls and renting from a private landlord
If you’re moving into uni halls, there are some key differences between having a uni as a landlord and a private landlord.

Universities have the power to discipline student residents using their code of conduct or disciplinary procedure.

For example, if you deliberately set off a fire alarm you could be fined or face other penalties under the code of conduct.

A private landlord couldn’t do this.


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